• The Fit-Line Family Grows with New Engineering Manager

    Despite these unprecedented times, Fit-Line Global continues to operate as an essential business – and what we like to call, “a work family.” With everything going on, our work never stops; we continue to take measures to ensure the safety and health of all and remain dedicated to running all production orders and supporting our customers.

    To that end, we’re proud to announce that Bob Stellflue has joined Fit-Line as engineering manager. We’re pleased to add his experience to an already world-class team and want to share more about his role below. Take a look below to learn a little more about Bob.

    Engineering Manager
    Bob will lead the engineering department in the development of new products. He comes to Fit-Line with a track record of success managing the design and manufacturing process to maximize organizational output. He is well versed in the methodologies to efficiently and effectively analyze product development, ensure optimal design, and prioritize data management to streamline workloads.

    “In this new role, I plan to lead the engineering department toward new efficiency goals from concept to production by focusing heavily on design for manufacturability processes and implementing a new data management system. Executing new procedures as a team will be very rewarding – and our customers will continue to reap the benefits of the Fit-Line Global promise for a customer experience that is second-to-none.”
    – Bob Stellflue


    Bob has the education and hands-on experience necessary to apply Design for Manufacturing principles to optimize manufacturing functions. These will help Fit-Line to reduce costs, further improve quality and enhance our ability to bring new solutions to market on time.

    In his most recent position with Associated Electrics in Lake Forest, Calif., as senior design engineer, Bob managed all phases of CPG engineering from concept to completion – including, but not limited to: R&D, design, prototyping, testing, sourcing, build, production, and commercialization.

    Fun Fact
    Bob has designed and developed high-performance radio-controlled race cars in five racing categories. With the technical and engineering leadership needed to manage his teams, Bob has won four IFMAR (International Federation for Model Auto Racing) World Championship titles as lead design engineer and participated in an additional nine IFMAR World Championship titles in design collaboration.

    The Fit-Line team welcomes Bob to the family and looks forward to him building on Fit-Line’s commitment to operational excellence and on-time delivery.

    Please join us in welcoming Bob!

  • Celebrating Women & Diversity in STEM

    In 1918, Edith Clarke became the first woman to earn an electrical engineering degree from MIT; she also received a patent for technology that solved electric power transmission line issues and became the first female professor of electrical engineering in the United States.

    Emily Roebling served as chief engineer during the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, completed in 1883; Martha Coston created signaling flares, still used by the U.S. Navy today; and Stephanie Kwolek, one of the first female research chemists, created Kevlar. These women throughout history have one thing in common; they were engineers – and many of their accomplishments live on today, having successfully paved the path for future female engineers.

    However, in modern times – still, only 13% of engineers are women¹. We at Fit-Line Global (FLG) think that needs to change and are grateful for our CEO, Ronni Levinson, who started the company 27 years ago and has led the business through multiple stretches of growth and success. She has built Fit-Line into a company that thrives on diversity and inclusion for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

    One of Fit-Line’s mechanical engineers, Nichole Ortiz, is a shining example of what it takes to be an engineer at FLG. Nichole works alongside the team at Fit-Line to ensure that current products and innovations are thriving and propelling Fit-Line Global to the next level.

    Read below for a Q&A with Nichole – and join us in celebrating the women of Fit-Line Global on International Women’s Day today, March 8th. We are grateful for everything she does, as well as the rest of the strong and brilliant women employed at Fit-Line.

    Q: What are you passionate about in your practice?
    Nichole: I am passionate about the impact that engineers have in this world and for our future. Designing, planning, and testing the technology and key components that will shape how our world advances is very exciting. Every project, no matter how big or small, impacts how things will be done in the future. Engineers are the people who carry the responsibility of making things better, faster, easier, and more efficient. Every project is meant to create and build a better future. At Fit-Line, I am able to work alongside different departments to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our processes and products – paving the path toward a world where our products are integral in the advancement of technology.

    Q: What can we learn from having diversity in the workplace?
    Nichole: Diversity in the workplace is essential to stimulate the most abundant and creative ideas. Every person has value to add to their team and company. By creating a diverse environment full of passionate employees with different views, experiences, and knowledge bases – companies can cultivate a team more valuable than any single-minded entity. Here at Fit-Line, the integration of genders and races of people from different backgrounds has allowed for a broad spectrum of knowledge and perspective that is utilized to advance the goals and values of Fit-Line. The women at Fit-Line play a crucial role in executing the vision and demands that make Fit-Line a leader in its industry; demonstrating how women – especially women in STEM – are key contributors to growth and progress.

    Q: Tell us about a key moment that defined your career.
    Nichole: A key moment that defined my career occurred during my graduation ceremony from the University of Arizona. The Dean of Engineering gave a speech where he stated, “Engineers are the people who are responsible for guiding our future but will never be known for it.” The words he spoke resonated with me. They made me understand that what I achieve in my career is not only a personal accomplishment but also a service to a future for everyone; it is a responsibility that cannot be made selfishly to succeed.

    Q: What project at FLG are you most proud of and why?
    Nichole: I don’t believe there is a single project that I value more than others. Every project at Fit-Line Global adds value to the company’s growth and ability to be an industry leader. Finding ways to improve and excel at all facets of our manufacturing process is what allows Fit-Line to stand out among competitors. Every project improves our ability to continue making advances in the semiconductor industry, and I am proud to be part of the amazing team of engineers, executives and staff at Fit-Line that collectively contribute to our success.

    Q: Why did you join FLG? What excites you about working with this team?
    Nichole: I joined Fit-Line Global because I viewed my position and the company as an opportunity to learn and grow. Our team focuses on working together to execute the advances that will take our company to the next level – and it’s an honor to work alongside my colleagues. Collaborating with a team of individuals who share a passion for growth and hard work make our successes and achieving company goals rewarding.

    To learn more about Fit-Line Global, visit: www.fit-lineglobal.com.

    Note: [1] According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat11.htm

  • Fit-Line Global’s Ultra-High Purity Fittings Shows Commitment to Quality


    Fit-Line Global fittings demonstrate their leak-free quality by withstanding a three-month copper sulfate thermo pressure test. 

    At Fit-Line Global, we are committed to delivering cost-effective products that are reliable for practical use in the semiconductor industry. In line with this vision, our standard fittings are specifically designed for high-purity fluid processing applications that meet and surpass industry standards. We provide over 3,000 fittings that are SEMI F57 compliant and manufactured from virgin high-purity PFA or PVDF resin. While we are proud of our commitment to quality, we want to make sure that our products ultimately serve our customers well.

    For more than 92 days, we conducted a thermo pressure test on 40 different PFA flare fittings, under the following conditions:

    • Liquid: Copper Sulfate, 80% molar solution
    • Pressure: 60 psi
    • Temperature: 80⁰F

    Upon the conclusion of the test, none of the fittings leaked. No leaks are remarkable, because, like frozen water, copper sulfate forms crystals once it encounters oxygen and begins to evaporate. After testing for more than three months, we found that our fittings were not only compatible but also ideal for plating systems using copper sulfate within the semiconductor industry.

    “The system worked out well,” said Frank Hayes, president of Fit-Line Global. “We didn’t have any leaks or any impending issue through the whole thermal cycling of everything we did.”

    Further, copper sulfate usually runs at a higher temperature, which is why we had to consider thermal cycling to determine the compatibility of the fittings. With that in mind, the results of the test, showing no leaks or thermal issues, demonstrate the quality of Fit-Line Global’s products.

    To learn more about Fit-Line Global’s product line or to speak with a representative, visit www.fit-lineglobal.com.

  • On-Time Delivery: How it Impacts Your Bottom Line

    By George Alvarado
    Vice President / General Manager
    Fit-Line Global

    In today’s world, the pace of business is fast and customer expectations for continual improvement and seamless transactions are at an all-time high. Making sure your supply-chain allows you to meet your delivery commitments is crucial to separating successful businesses from those who can’t keep up. Optimal product development and quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery are no longer discretionary; they have become market expectations that every customer demands.

    While on-time delivery will always be at the heart of any successful product-driven business and customer relationship, your ability to get your manufactured goods where they need to be, can impact arguably every other part of your business – from inventory, product and shipping costs to staffing, employee morale and your bottom-line.  Here are a few things to consider:

    Yes, your performance is being judged.  It’s no surprise that companies are tracking metrics and how their suppliers are succeeding (or failing) when it comes to the KPIs on-time delivery. Few companies have the luxury of shipping products late while also maintaining a good, working relationship with their customers. Don’t sleep on your competition and think you’re doing enough. Always strive to better your processes as it will ensure a positive, long-term relationship.

    Beware of the Bullwhip Effect.  Defined as a distribution channel phenomenon in which forecasts yield supply chain inefficiencies, the “snap” of the whip can affect all sides of the supply chain. It’s important to communicate clearly with your customers on production and timing operations as that establishes a strong foundation of trust.

    Delivery delays soak up leadership attention. Senior management should expect to put out fires and respond to crises related to customer deliveries – occasionally. Even companies with the best on-time performance records miss deadlines some of the time. But when an inadequate customer fulfillment system starts to consume the bulk of your C-suite’s attention, other larger issues, such as product R&D, marketing and long-term strategy, invariably start to suffer. Investment in supply-chain relationships that minimize firefighting is a high-leverage use of time.

    Leverage the latest technology.  Information technology is a key enabler to helping companies operate effectively in highly competitive environments – even those in seemly low-tech industries. Implementing an effective enterprise resource planning system, for example, helps manage customer relationships, manufacturing and distribution to ensure on-time delivery.

    Invest in your people.  Operating an efficient, streamlined supply chain is like sprinting the 200-meter dash while navigating a series of randomly placed hurdles along the way. Each day brings its own set of unique problems to be solved. And at the heart of those solutions, even in the most technically advanced company, is an employee specially equipped to perform his or her job like no one else. Investing in your people through formal development curriculum, on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring, plus rotation through multiple assignments helps create a well-rounded staff committed to on-time delivery and your company’s success.

    It comes down to dollars and (common) sense.  Henry Ford realized it first and the Japanese perfected it.  Being able to predict exactly when you are able to deliver your products to your customers saves you time and money – in stocking and inventory fees, shipping costs, staff overtime and dozens of other operational expenditures.  More than anything else, an airtight, on-time delivery system allows you to maintain control over at least some of the third-party variables that dictate your bottom line.

    While these are a few considerations, it’s important to note that establishing a strong foundation of operational excellence and customer service with your executive leadership and employees is what ultimately differentiates your business from others. At Fit-Line Global, we’ve made a name for ourselves not just for producing the highest quality products, but for ensuring their delivery on-time, within budget and with our customers’ ultimate business goals in mind.

  • Marco Miranda FLG Prepares the Next Generation of Innovators

    At Fit-Line Global investing in the future of our industry is at an all-time high. Our global economy is changing daily, and with it, the talents, skills and experience needed to be a part of the growth cycle are too. We understand the importance of empowering the next generation of thinkers, doers, and innovators, because they will be the ones to push us to new frontiers in the sciences. The internship program at Fit-Line Global is a comprehensive dive into the world of engineering, design and manufacturing.

    We recently sat down with Marco Miranda, a 20-year-old senior studying chemistry at the University of California, Irvine for a quick Q&A session on what he likes about his internship experience at Fit-Line Global and how it is helping him prepare for his future.

    FLG: What does your internship at Fit-Line Global entail?

    Marco: My internship at Fit-Line Global includes adding changes to existing parts to create a drawing for each, as well as their respective PNG renderings. In addition, because Fit-Line encourages versatility, I assist in their five-stage component clean room process.

    FLG: Why did you pursue an internship at Fit-Line Global?

    Marco: I pursued this internship because I wanted to learn more about how properties of certain materials and purity (examples PVDF/PFA), are affected based on temperature and pressure applied. As a chemistry major, these are the types of studies and hands-on work that I appreciate the most.

    FLG: What’s your favorite part about interning at Fit-Line Global?

    Marco: My favorite part about interning at Fit-Line Global is being able to see my work when a final project is complete. Furthermore, I am appreciative that I can continue my education at school without having to stress about not having enough time to work. The company is very flexible with hours and continuously encourages me to complete my educational journey.

    FLG: What advice would you give other students who are looking for an internship?

    Marco: My advice would for other students would be to not feel like you must know everything or be the best. Just be prepared to work hard and not shy away from challenges.

    After graduation, Marco plans to work on a water purification engineering site in hopes of acquiring enough knowledge and training to become an innovator within the industry.

    For more information on internship opportunities at Fit-Line Global, please contact our administrative office.

  • SemiCon West 2019 Recap

    This month our team attended the annual SEMICON West trade show in San Francisco, held in the city’s Moscone Center from July 9-11. Every year, SEMICON West brings the best of the best under one roof to showcase dynamic products and host discussions connecting the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain industries. We were proud to showcase our newly reimagined global brand, booth and commitment to quality for our customers this year.

    Themed BEYOND SMART and presented by Semi, SEMICON West featured top technologists and industry leaders highlighting cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and quantum computing and trends in Smart Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, Smart MedTech, Smart Data and workforce development.

    For us at Fit-Line Global™, the show offered a wonderful opportunity to meet with our many industry partners, distributers and customers. We shared news on the recent development of our high purity SEMI C90-1015 compliant PFA fittings, as well as a demonstration of our Mobile TruFLARE™ technology. We also joined with industry partners Saint-Gobain and Heateflex for a fun and engaging raffle where visitors to all three company booths were entered into a contest to win a MacBook Air. The lucky winner was Rumeet Desai an engineering student from San Jose State University.

    SEMICON West 2019 was a huge success for all of us involved and the team has already circled next year’s show dates on the calendar. We’ve gone through a lot of change in the past twelve months at Fit-Line and more big announcements are coming in the year ahead! Stay tuned and make sure to follow this blog and our LinkedIn page for future company announcements.

  • FLG to be featured at SEMICON West 2019

    Fit-Line Global to be featured at SEMICON West 2019 with Reimagined Global Brand and Continued Commitment to Quality

    Over the past six months we have gone through some major changes at Fit-Line Global®. From a complete company rebrand and announcing the development of high purity Semi C90-1015 compliant PFA fittings to establishing a pro-active environmental compliance process and hiring new team members, we have been working nonstop to bring our customers the best products, delivered on-time, and with the Fit-Line Global seal of quality.

    For over two decades, we’ve engineered and manufactured the Semiconductor industry’s most popular PFA and PVDF fitting configurations. From standard fittings to patented tube flaring systems and torque wrenches, to custom designs that are developed, manufactured and tested in our facility, we have the expertise and the know-how to ensure our customers get the most reliable and dependable components delivered on time. Our process is simple, but the key to everything. We leverage demand forecasting, inventory control, and how information flows between raw material suppliers and customers to ensure on-time delivery.

    That’s why we’re excited to be showcasing our reimagined global brand and process at SEMICON West, July 9-11, 2019 in booth #1950 in the South Hall at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Every year, SEMICON West brings the best of the best under one roof to showcase dynamic products and host discussions about the industry. It is a hub for new technology where everyone in attendance can gain insights, innovations and intelligence on how to get ahead and embrace the disruptive landscape of today’s microelectronic supply chain.

    With members of our team on-site for the three days, we’re excited about all the panels, product showcases, and innovations on display. Here are a few of the sessions that we are most excited for:

    • AI Design Form™: The Future of Computing – from Materials to Systems
    • Wearable Technologies Conference
    • TechTALK: Component Quality & Traceability in Microelectronics Manufacturing
    • Transportation Pavilion: Autonomous Driving: 2025 and Beyond
    • TechTALK: Materials Session – Reducing Risk for Customers
    • TechTALK: New Architectures to Enable the Intelligent Future

    We hope to see you this July in San Francisco! Stop by our booth, directly across from the SMART TRANSPORTATION showcase, to meet the team and learn how Fit-Line Global may help your business thrive. For more information on Fit-Line Global, visit www.fit-lineglobal.com.

  • Nima Taghavi - Quality Assurance Manager Nima A. Taghavi Joins the Fit-Line Family as Manager of Quality Assurance

    The team at Fit-Line Global™ is like a big family – and our family just grew in size with the addition of Nima Taghavi as the new Manager of Quality Assurance. The announcement of Nima’s hiring was made by George Alvarado at a recent staff meeting.

    As a leading component supplier for high-purity fluid processing applications, it is imperative that the products we make and ship around the world are of the highest quality. That process is a complex one that is only successful when everyone is doing their part. Nima will work to systematically improve our business and manufacturing processes, optimizing throughput, and minimizing waste through LEAN and Six Sigma best practices. He will apply this approach to the continual improvement of our ISO9001/2015 Business Management System.

    With his bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and experience in the plastic injection molding industry, Nima will help us take our quality to the next level.
    In addition, he will improve our pro-active environmental compliance process that actively engages our partners to provide a full material disclosure or FMD, which enables them to know the exact content of their products. This data will enable us to ensure compliance with local, state, national, and international regulations, while contributing to sound environmental protection on a global level.

    Nima is excited to be a part of the dynamic team here at Fit-Line Global – working with a balance of seasoned professionals and bright new minds. He looks forward to helping the company expand its capabilities and push the boundaries of the industry’s innovation, thus enabling the advancement of many technologies including artificial intelligence.

  • A Pro-Active Approach to Sustainable Practices

    For over 25 years, Fit-Line Global™ has been a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, patented and cost-effective fitting solutions for high-purity fluid processing applications to the semiconductor industry. While Fit-Line Global delivers innovative engineering solutions to our customers, we are also cognizant of the need to minimize our global environmental impact. We view these industry challenges as an opportunity to invest in sustainable and socially responsible solutions for our multi-stakeholder community.  As such, Fit-Line Global takes a comprehensive approach to managing its impact on the environment and local communities. The Company’s commitment to environmental consciousness benefits our people and the planet, while at the same time, it just makes good business sense.

    To this end Fit-Line Global has a pro-active environmental compliance process that actively engages our partners to provide a full material disclosure or FMD that enables us to know the exact content of our products.  We then use this data to ensure compliance with local and international regulations that are focused on human and environmental protection. This ensures our customers are also in compliance and that our products can be properly stored, used, recycled, or discarded to minimize any potential impact on our local and global environments.

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    At Fit-Line Global our supply chain works for our customers and for our planet.  Our process enables us to produce a FMD for our products at the time a product is released to the market or upon customer request.  This process meets the needs of our customers, while minimizing our global footprint.

    Quality without compromise of Our Planet; that’s the Fit-Line Global way!

  • On-Time Delivery Quality & On-Time Delivery go Hand-in-Hand

    Fit-Line Global Hits the Mark on Quality & On-Time Delivery

    At Fit-Line Global, we engineer and manufacturer the Semiconductor industry’s most popular PFA and PVDF fitting configurations. From standard fittings to patented tube flaring systems and torque wrenches, to custom designs that are developed, manufactured and tested in our facility, we have the expertise and the know-how to ensure you get the most reliable and dependable components delivered on-time.

    “The Semiconductor industry is very fast-paced, and timing is everything,” said Frank Hayes, president of Fit-Line Global.

    We’re one of the few companies that can quickly respond to a customer’s manufacturing needs and deliver a product with expedited lead times world-wide.

    Our process is simple, but the key to everything. We leverage demand forecasting, inventory control, and how information flows between suppliers and customers to ensure on-time delivery. Having our materials, manufacturing and packaging in a fully traceable, closed-source system ensures the highest level of protection, component quality, and contamination control. We employ our own proprietary cleaning and packaging processes, including our five-stage component cleaning and rinsing process, all conducted in a class 1000 Clean Room. And when it comes to packaging, our fittings are double bagged per the SEMI-F57 standard. This will meet or exceed your exacting demands. Anything else simply won’t do.

    Graham MacInnis of Daikin America, Inc. has been a partner of Fit-Line Global for almost two decades. He states,

    Reliability and service are key to Fit-Line’s success. They are able to fill customer’s requirements in a very fast time frame and there is never an issue with the quality of their products.

    We know that our customers’ ability to move forward can hinge on the delivery and quality of our products. That is why outstanding quality is our promise to you. The products we design, and manufacture are created to the highest standard in the Semiconductor industry. That quality is ensured throughout the entire organization with quality checks at key points along the way and includes a promise to customers that our products are of the highest purity.

    Everything we do has our customer in mind and that is how we continue to move forward. We are quality without compromise, we are Fit-Line Global.

    To learn more about Fit-Line Global, visit www.fit-lineglobal.com.