Frank Hayes

Frank Hayes

Co-Founder and President

Few other businesses in the injection molding and high-purity fitting solutions industries have a leader as well trained or more experienced than the Co-Founder and President of Fit-Line Global, Frank Hayes. For Hayes, manufacturing, mold making, and creating lasting relationships comes naturally and has always been a family business.

His work in the industry began at the age of 11, as he watched and learned from his father and uncles who were master mold makers and manufacturers. By the time Hayes turned 18, he was conducting his own repairs, mold work, fabrications and had attained years of valuable experience and a strong work ethic.

In the late 1980s, Hayes started his own independent contract practice, which he grew into a successful and business. During that pivotal time-period of growth is when he met his future wife and current CFO of Fit-Line Global. Together, they formed Fit-Line Global and created a business that has grown to service clients around the world.

Frank ensures Quality without Compromise. He is Fit-Line Global!