Nexus Connect® Tube Assembly System

Nexus Connect Tube Assembly System

Onsite precision when-and where-it counts

Fit-Line Global saw the need for an on-site production flaring system that can produce precise, leak-free, repeatable tube flares. The solution? Fit-Line’s patented TruFLARE™ tube flaring system. TruFLARE™ and our Mobile TruFLARE™ system replicate the close tolerances consistent with our patented and proven TightFLARE™ technology. To date, application and installation usage has shown TruFLARE™ tube flaring technology to be far superior than all other existing flaring methods in the industry.

Key Features

  • Versatile flaring system, ideal for both in-house production and job site flaring.
  • Ability to flare PFA and FEP tubing.
  • 15′ long heater cord allows flaring in hard to reach places.
  • Creates precise, concentric, repeatable tube flare ends.
  • Automated touchscreen interface with pre-programmed tube settings.
  • Exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Consistent flares that hold their shape over time.