Mobile TruFLARE™

The versatile mobile TruFLARE™ system is ideal for both in-house
production and job site flaring. The patented heaters apply uniform heat
around the tube to a controlled and repeatable length. Once the heat
cycle is complete, the tube end is installed over the forming mandrel.
The mandrels are engineered to extract heat evenly from the flared tube
end. Applying controlled, uniform heat and extracting it evenly creates a
stress-free “formed” flared end. This gives end users the flexibility to flare
their tubes days in advance or quickly and consistently at the job site.

Click here to download “Model MTF416-110-A & MTF416-220-A User Manual”.

Key Features

  • Versatile flaring system, ideal for both
    in-house production and job site flaring.
  • Ability to flare PFA and FEP tubing.
  • 15′ long heater cord allows flaring
    in hard to reach places.
  • Creates precise, concentric, repeatable
    tube flare ends.
  • Automated touchscreen interface
    with pre-programmed tube settings.
  • Exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Consistent flares that hold their shape over time.

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